About Us

Stonite Coil, founded February 10, 1950 by employees from the former Electrical Coil Division of John A. Roebling & Sons Company in Trenton, New Jersey, has engaged in the manufacturing of a full range of electrical coils. Our projects have ranged from the massive water-cooled focusing coils to small bobbin wound coils using 42AWG.

Currently Stonite is a major U.S. supplier of coils for solenoid valves, actuators, inductors and vibrator drives. Coils ranging from 1000 pounds down to a few ounces are routinely manufactured to our customers’ requirements.

Stonite has a long-standing tradition of stability owning its facility thereby allowing us to have a competitive edge as well as to make investments to support long-term supply lines. Stonite has proven time and again that it is one of the most reliable, dependable and competitive companies in the coil industry.

Stonite is a member of the Mercer County Chamber of Commerce

Stonite Coil located in Yardville, NJ
From the beginning, Stonite has always been at the forefront of the coil winding industry.